von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft


The consultants at von Beust & Coll. combine expert political and communications knowledge with experience of administrative practice and specialist industry expertise. The executive consultants are brought in for specific tasks to drive projects forward and offer their specialist knowledge to clients. The international consultancy team has proven expertise in numerous sectors: industry and trade, the maritime industry, the mobility sector (rail, road, shipping), finance, infrastructure and property, payment systems, gaming & gambling, the health sector (self-governance, medical devices) and the energy sector. A selection of our mandates can be found in the Lobby Register of the German Bundestag and in the EU transparency register.

The excellent reputation and wide acceptance of the managers, partners and advisors at von Beust & Coll. also facilitate the independent mediation of conflicts between businesses, or between a business and the public. By acquiring a consulting firm specialising in association management, von Beust & Coll. has expanded its range of consulting services and gained the opportunity to operate a “Capital City Office” for its clients in Berlin and Brussels.

Von Beust & Coll. creates a network and an atmosphere for its clients facilitating trust-based collaboration across political and economic camps and enabling the development of promising positions. The firm is regularly engaged by alliances of interest groups and associations to handle their executive management and representation of interests.

We advise you personally,
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